Thursday, June 5, 2008

I am an Aunt!!!

May 31st at 11:03pm, Taylor Paige Killian was born. weighing in at 7ibs. 5oz. and 20.5 in. long. she has blond hair, and blue eyes! she is beautiful!!!! i am very excited to be an aunt, and i can't wait for Kiara to meet Taylor! they will have so much fun together. So congratulations to Ben and Kristen!! : ) I love you guys!

Other than that...Kiara is really starting to talk A LOT!!! it's the cutest thing ever! it's like we are really having a conversation, only now i can actually understand half of what she's saying! haha! : ) I bought her a Dora bathing suit and a matching Dora beach towel (that she carries around every day!) and we are anxiously waiting to go to the pool!

We have Sam's graduation on the 14th of June, and Billy's on the 19th! I am so happy of the 2 of them! Billy got into Virginia Tech!! and Sam is going to community college!! i can't express how proud i am! and yes i will be wearing water-proof make up on those days! haha! : )

Also, I got a promotion at work! very exciting!!!!! i am now in the purchasing department. I will be receiving invoices, reconciling our American Express bill monthly, and closing all orders at the end of the month! i'm so happy...hard work definately pays off! : ) should've listened a long time ago! : )

Sunday, May 25, 2008

it's been a while...

well it's been a while since i wrote one of these things. so for starters i have finally started decorating my house! it's coming along quite nicely i think! my theme is green and black, my new favorite color pair! so far we have 2 new book cases, a TV stand, and a desk...oh and curtains, green for the living room and pink for Kiara's room!

So, i have known for a while that she is growing up too fast, it hit me hard!!! i was at my mother's house and i said "Kiara where are your shoes?" she looked at me and held her arms out shrugged her shoulders and said "i dunno" then she proceeded to walk around and look under the couch, in her diaper bag, and some more! all i could do was stand there in disbelief! i mean she really understood what i was saying and knew how to fix the problem...oh my! my little girl is "really" getting too big! but it was the cutest thing in the world! so now her favorivte phrase besides walking around saying no, no, no, no, no, no, now "i dunno"!! hahahaha! : ) and so it begins!

Speaking of beginnings...i got a promotion at work! i am very excited, and a little nervous! : ) but i am moving to the purchasing department. I will be doing some buying, and closing all of our orders at the end of the months, and processing the orders. so everyone keep their fingers crossed for me, i'm really excited about this!

so other than that i am just waiting for everyone to have their babies! considering like half of my friends and my sister in law are pregnant! haha! : ) can't wait ladies! especially's coming up real soon! i am so excited for you guys! love you!

Monday, May 5, 2008

My weekend...

This weekend, was actually pretty good! friday night was quiet just stayed in. Saturday i was running around like a mad woman trying to find something to wear for the wedding that night and returning some things at the mall! Buck's cousin Yolanda got married that night at 5 and i must say that i enjoyed myself quite a bit! considering this was really the first wedding i had been to that i wasn't either pregnant or had a baby on my hip all night, so needless to say i had a really good time! and Yolanda was a beautiful bride! i loved her dress! the night was spent laughing and dancing away! i must say i needed that, it's been too long! and on sunday, we went to and early dinner at Chilis and i got my queso!!!! everyone knows it's my favorite!!!! : ) if you ever make me mad...just buy me queso and chips and salsa, and all better! : ) haha! anyways, after our early dinner we went home and did some much needed laundry and cleaning around the house. and of course like every sunday it seems, i got sucked into a lifetime movie! haha! so all in all it was a much enjoyed weekend, one that was greatly needed!

Monday, April 28, 2008

My weekend

So this weekend was an ok weekend...Saturday my grandparents came over and we had lunch, then went to the park with my daughter and walked around watching the airplanes fly overhead, (Kiara loves to watch the airplanes!) and then sat till 5:30 to wait for the cable guy to "NOT" come! he was supposed to be there between 12 and 3. so at 5:30 when i called and spoke to a supervisor i got some money taken off of my bill b/c that was ridiculous! after that it was just a typical night in my house! : )

Sunday, i woke up to a baby conversation over the monitor, haha! , Kiara was having a good 'ol time in her room talking to her teddy bear at 7AM !!! oh well, it was too cute to lay there and listen to her talk! got to love it! Then my sister-in-law Kristen called and asked if i wanted to go to the mall....we all know the answer to that one! haha! : ) so we went to the mall and walked around for a little while, then went to the food court and had some yummy food! I love hanging out with Kristen! this was def. the highlight of my day!! : )

Then i went over to my old apartment to clean a little and all that good stuff before i have to hand in my keys. and i was yet again reminded why i'm so happy not to have a roomate anymore!!!!!! i swear some people think that everything is lesson i learned a long time ago, "nothing in life is free, get off your lazy ass and do something"! hopefully he sees this and learns it as well! : )

anyways, now another work week starts, can't wait til friday! hahaha! : )

Monday, April 14, 2008

moving day

So I moved into a new appartment over the weekend! atleast I can say that the official move is over, now the fun part begins...UNPACKING!!!! The new appartment is in my opinion much nicer than the other one minus one rather large flaw! my washer broke last night while in mid wash of all my work clothes! : ( so needless to say the leasing office got a call this morning and they will be fixing it today! : ) other than that we are having lots of fun deciding how we want to decorate and all that...this weekend is curtain and bed spread shopping! woohoo!! anyone who would like to come shopping along with me, i could always use some input, and you could keep me from going a little crazy! : )

1st entry...

so, i saw this and thought it would be fun! yes i'm copying my sister-in-law, i know! haha! : ) anyways. so here goes...